Get Car Buyers From Your Competitors!
Cutting Edge Mobile Tech Pulls Car Shoppers From Nearby Dealerships - Enjoy Local Exclusivity
How It Works...
#1 - Car Shopper Visits Your Competitor's Lot
Now, the more foot traffic your competition has, the more prospects go into your pipeline. You benefit from the combination of two vanguard targeting technologies: Hyper Mobile and Geo Conquesting.
#2 - We Send Your Ad/Offer To Their Mobile
We capture iPhone and Android devices. Their phone doesn't have to be turned on for us to tag them in real time and start sending them your offers.
#3 - Followup Ads Display For Weeks Across Devices
Even after they leave the competitor's dealership, we continue to display your ad/offer - across devices, including their work computer! This keeps you top of mind, to attract them to visit you and BUY!
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