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Buyers To Your Dealership? is the online portal for automotive dealerships to learn about and access an incredible Done-For-You marketing system that combines two cutting edge mobile technologies: Hyper Local Targeting and Geo Conquesting. 

It means you can leverage the efforts of your competitors to drive more sales. The more foot traffic they bring to their lots, the more vehicles YOU sell. 

This service is available through Largest Audience Media, a digital marketing agency that brings vanguard, world class marketing solutions to small businesses. 

What We Do
We provide quantifiable results of our campaigns. You need to know what's working and what's not working, don't you?
Boost Growth 
Our main goal is to help our clients increase revenue, and when possible, to simultaneously lower spend
Who is your ideal prospect? Who is in-market shopping for a vehicle now in your area? That's who we're going to target with your message!
Kofi Appiah

I'm a Los Angeles native who enjoys traveling and experiencing the wondrous diversity of the human experience. When asked if I really speak Spanish, I often reply "Oui, monsieur". Hey I'm not perfect. But I stay on the grind when it comes to getting the best online marketing solutions for my clients. And that's why you're here. 

  • Digital Marketer since 2011
  • Search, Display & Video Campaigns
  • Setup, Managed Campaigns for
    Investors' Business Daily, Hyundai Motor America
  • Over $10M ad spend managed
  • Over $1.5M managed Spanish language
  • Co-Founder, Largest Audience Media
  • Owner,
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